• What is The Upper Room's philosophy?

    From its beginning, The Upper Room magazine has been interdenominational. We seek to build on what draws us together in Christian belief. The intent of the founders of the magazine was that it be non-sectarian and non-doctrinaire, and we work to include many perspectives in what we publish. The magazine was created in response to a call from a Sunday-school-class prayer group in Texas, who asked the church to provide for families a devotional resource to use for home worship each day. It was the time of the Great Depression, and these people felt that prayer and Bible study could help people face the difficult times with faith. The magazine was begun by the Home Missions Board of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in 1935. This is a predecessor denomination of the United Methodist Church, which still owns the magazine. Though the magazine is owned by the United Methodist Church, it is financially separate from it. We receive no grants or subsidy from the United Methodist Church or from any other denomination. Our income comes completely from sale of our magazines and books.

    The writers of the daily meditations are both laity and clergy and come from around the world, as you can see by looking at the geographical identification that follows the names of the writers (at the bottom of each page). We do not have requirements regarding denominational affiliation for our writers. We are aware of Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Nazarene, Episcopalian, Assemblies of God, and non-denominational believers among our writers, but we do not know the denominational affiliation of the vast majority of those who write for us. We evaluate about 5000 meditations each year in order to choose 365 for publication in the magazine. Our basic criterion in evaluating a meditation is this: Will it be helpful to a reader in a similar situation? We want meditations that show real people struggling to live faithfully in real-life situations, with the Bible as the touchstone for and measure of faithful living. We believe that God wills only good for each of us and that God calls us to lives of love, forgiveness, and service to others, according to the example of Christ.

    The magazine is translated into 38 languages other than English and is published in 79 editions and circulated in over 100 countries. Because the meditations are translated for use in many cultures, we cannot use material which is peculiarly North American. We welcome the witness of believers from diverse perspectives, for we feel that each of us has something to share with others about our experience of the grace of God. We believe that our diversity is one of our riches within the family of God, and we seek to reflect that diversity in the magazine as well as in our staff. Among our staff members are persons from many denominations, (among them United Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Southern Baptist, National Baptist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and United Church of Christ) as well as some who attend non-denominational community churches. We are a diverse group, and we feel this is an asset in publishing for an interdenominational audience.

    In addition to our publishing, we sponsor a number of spiritual-formation programs. Among these are The Walk to Emmaus® , the Academy® for Spiritual Formation , the Adventure in Healing and Wholeness , and the Pathways Network® for Spiritual Leaders . You can find out more about these and other programs and our magazine and book publishing by exploring our web site .

  • Why isn’t the scripture in the free Upper Room app?

    The app is a free version and does not contain all of the features of the paid print version, nor does it contain the features that will be available in the paid digital version.

  • Is the digital version self-contained on the device?

    The digital version will not be 100% self-contained.  It includes links to websites that offer further information on a meditation topic. Audio and video components will be self-contained unless the files are so large they would significantly slow the download process and/or cause storage issues on your device. Those larger files will be available via web access.

  • I purchased my subscription via the Apple App Store. How do I read it on my other devices?

    You must SHARE your email address with the publisher so you can take advantage of your subscription on Android devices and web browsers.  Go into your app’s setting and allow your email address to be SHARED with the publisher.

  • Are the app and the enhanced digital magazine the same thing?

    No. The app does not contain all of the content from the print version of The Upper Room daily devotional guide. The enhanced digital edition will contain all of the content plus audio, video, and images to make the reader’s devotional experience more interactive.

  • When will the enhanced digital versions of The Upper Room and Alive Now be available, and what are the prices?

    The enhanced digital versions will be available beginning with the March/April 2012 issue (this issue is FREE). The introductory price begins with the May/June issue.

    The Upper Room is $9.99 a year, or you may purchase an individual copies for $1.99 each through both the Android Market and Apple App Store.

    The Alive Now is $14.99 a year, or you may purchase individual copies for $2.99 each through both the Android Market and Apple App Store.

  • Can I give a gift subscription to the digital edition?

    Not at this time, but feel free to give a gift subscription to the print edition.

  • I tried to order a digital subscription via the order page, but it did not work.

    Please call our 800 number and place your order. 1.800.972.0433.

  • I’m having technical issues (the digital magazine won’t open, pages appear strange, etc.).

    Contact Texterity Inc.

  • Can I get a digital subscription now?


    For The Upper Room: Click here.

    For Alive Now: Click here.

    Or by calling: 1.800.972.0433

  • Can I reproduce an Upper Room® meditation in my church newsletter?

    Though we do not give blanket permission for unlimited use of material from the magazine, we do allow one-time use of specific meditations in church newsletters or similar publications. You (or your church) would need to ask permission for each use of material. We place three conditions on re-printing meditations:

    The material must be reprinted exactly as it appears in the magazine, without editing, including the name of the author of the meditation. It cannot be used as a springboard for additional comment since this could cast the author's message in a context not intended by the writer.

    The page where the material appears must include this notice: "This material is reprinted from The Upper Room® Magazine, copyright (date) by The Upper Room®, Inc., P.O. Box 340004, Nashville, TN 37203-0004, and is used by permission of the publisher."

    Reprinted material cannot be used in any way in connection with fund-raising activities or in resources that will be sold.

    Please send permission requests to the editorial office. Be sure to include the quote you want to use, the page number and magazine issue from which you got the material, and how the material will be used. Send your requests to:

    Rights and Permissions

    The Upper Room Magazine

    PO Box 340004

    Nashville, TN 37203-0004 USA theupperroommagazine@upperroom.org

  • How to do I get my digital subscription on my chosen device?

    The digital versions of The Upper Room and Alive Now are available to view through: your web browser, your Android phone or tablet, and your iOS (Apple) phone or tablet.

    Android users: Visit the Android Market, search for The Upper Room, and download The Upper Room app. Once you have purchased The Upper Room Digital from one of our order pages, use the SAME email address to log in to the Android app and view The Upper Room digital magazine. When you subscribe, each new issue will become available to you via this app bimonthly.

    Follow the same steps for Alive Now.

    iOS (Apple) users: Visit the Apple App Store, search for The Upper Room, and download The Upper Room app. Purchase a subscription or single issue within the app. You must SHARE your email address with the publisher so you can take advantage of your subscription on Android devices and web browsers. When you subscribe, each new issue will become available to you via this app bimonthly.

    Follow the same steps for Alive Now.

  • Where do you get your cover art?

    The art we feature is gathered from a variety of sources. We deal directly with museums for many of the pieces we use; some transparencies we rent from art photo suppliers. Some pieces we find through contacts with Christian artist associations, some come to us direct from the artists, and some we find by looking through books of art (usually published by museums, with religious art only a sub-section of the book).