• Mission Trips that Matter

    Mission Trips that Matter

    Learn to transcend personal experience and connect your itinerary with the gospel — even before you leave home.

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  • Pentecost Journey

    Pentecost Journey

    Pentecost Journey: A Planning Guide for Non-Hispanic/Latino Congregations is intended to help congregations, districts, and conferences fulfill Christ’s mandate to make disciples, with a particular focus on helping local churches understand issues related to developing a ministry with Hispanics/Latinos.

  • Talk that Matters

    Talk that Matters

    Included in Talk That Matters are basic principles that make meaningful talk possible; insights that make communication more effective; ways to recognize differences in people; and how to work through larger issues that call for clear speech.

  • A Spirituality of Caregiving

    A Spirituality of Caregiving

    If you provide care for another person, whether you are a family member or a professional caregiver, you know that caregiving is hard, sometimes unappreciated work. But have you ever considered that it isn’t easy to be the care receiver?

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  • Entering the Psalms

    Entering the Psalms

    A 6-week study opens the door to experience the Psalms in a new way!

  • Celebrating the Offering

    Celebrating the Offering

    If you’re looking to revitalize the spirit of generosity in your congregation, you’ll find simple and effective ways to incorporate the offering into the deepest fibers of your worship experience.