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Where Most Needed

Donate to The Upper Room general fund. Your gift will be used in the ministry or program area where additional support is most needed.


Help provide over 60,000 free copies of each issue of The Upper Room daily devotional guide to military and prison chaplains.

Web and Email Ministry

Contribute to the digital distribution of The Upper Room, a service that reaches thousands of online readers each day.


Living Prayer Center

Support the prayer center as each day, volunteers and staff answer over 700 phone calls and thousands of emails requesting prayer.

International Editions

Give to the global translations and distribution of The Upper Room daily devotional guide.


Africa Upper Room Ministries

Equip Africa Upper Room Ministries to increase magazine distribution across the African continent.

Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis

Support the development of new Emmaus and Chrysalis communities around the world.


Academy for Spiritual Formation

Help develop and grow Upper Room’s two-year and five-day Academy experiences focused on study and prayer, rest and exercise, solitude and community. (Scholarship and general fund options are available.)