Questions God Asks Us - eCourse with Trevor Hudson

Questions God Asks Us - eCourse with Trevor Hudson

Explore 10 questions from scripture that God asks us. 


Author Trevor Hudson, South African pastor, is a great friend of The Upper Room.  Join us in this group discussion of Trevor's book, QUESTIONS GOD ASKS US, where we'll learn to see the Bible as a book of questions from God to us.  Over the course of five weeks, we will review the ten questions posed in QUESTIONS GOD ASKS US, such as "Where are you?", "What is that in your hand?" and "Why are you crying?"

Join with a small group from your congregation, with a group of friends from across the country, or solo.  This a great opportunity for busy church members who cannot commit weekly to a live small group.  Meet online anytime from anywhere. 



This eCourse begins on Monday, April 15 and ends on Saturday, May 18

Log in anytime from anywhere you have internet access.

Our eCourse offers

*  weekly videos offering insights from Trevor on the week's questions

*  group discussion (online) two times each week

*  a daily meditation from Trevor Hudson

Cost:  $45.00 (includes content from Questions God Asks Us)

Content from Trevor's book, QUESTIONS GOD ASKS US, is included in the course.  If you would like to purchase your own paperback copy of the book, you'll find it at the Upper Room bookstore. A 20% discount code is offered to all course participants. 

Trevor Hudson

Trevor Hudson

Trevor Hudson is one of God’s great gifts to the ecumenical church and a great friend of The Upper Room.  His leadership has been shaped in the crucible of the South African experience in recent years.  Trevor, best-selling author of QUESTIONS GOD ASKS US, A MILE IN MY SHOES, and THE WAY OF TRANSFORMING DISCIPLESHIP (Companions in Christ®), is a pastor deeply committed to the spiritual care of the people of Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni, just outside Johannesburg.  He travels widely preaching and teaching.  Trevor is married to Debbie, and together they are the parents of Joni and Mark, now young adults.