Holy Week Meditations

Holy Week Meditations

Holy Week Meditations


Trusting in God's Presence


Read Psalm 36:5-11

The psalmist speaks truth yet again. For who on this Holy Monday, after Jesus enters Jerusalem, after Mary publicly prepares Jesus’ body for burial and for death, who does not need a reminder of the protective, present love of God? (Read more...)


Read Psalm 71:1-14; John 12:20-36

At the end of today’s Gospel reading, after Jesus engages in a call-and-response worship experience with the gathered community, he commends the crowd to “believe in the light” so that they might become the light themselves. Then, the scripture says that Jesus departs from them and hides. (Read more...)


Read John 13:21-32

We’ve all been there, have we not? Sitting at the table to dine with friends and family, basking in the glow of good food and fellowship, when all of a sudden someone says something accusatory and awkward, and the table falls silent. (Read more...)


Read John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Maundy Thursday arrives each year, faster than we planned, more surprising than we thought. The night when Jesus, our Savior, kneels to wash feet—an odd twist of plot, not because feet weren’t always washed before mealtime but because we, like the disciples, are accustomed to doing it ourselves. (Read more...)


Read Psalm 22

We awake on Holy Friday to a different kind of kneeling. Instead of kneeling to wash each other’s feet, we kneel to cry. Today is a day of lamentation, the day Jesus dies—handed over to the royal empire out of fear, sacrificed by a government in shame. (Read more...)


Read Mark 16:1-8 and Psalm 114

Today is the day we fall silent, sinking deeper into our prayers, holding vigil through the night as we usher in the light of God. Today is Holy Saturday, the day when Jesus’ friends awoke with swollen eyes and aching heads; the day when Jesus’ followers asked in bewilderment, “What happened yesterday?” (Read more...)


Read Psalm 118:24 and John 20:1-18

Today is the resurrection day of Jesus! It is the day when we sing aloud the alleluias that were buried on Ash Wednesday; it is the day we resurrect our jubilant praises to God. What was once dead now lives. May we rejoice and be glad! (Read more...)

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