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International Ministries

For 75 years, The Upper Room has encouraged people everywhere to share their stories of faith. It wasn't long after its beginnings that The Upper Room was crossing borders and being translated into Spanish, Korean, and Hindustani. Now, The Upper Room is found in over 100 countries and in 34 different languages. This is merely a reminder that the Word of God has no boundaries. All around the world, The Upper Room editors are translating meditations into their native languages. They work diligently to find ways to print and distribute the magazine to the people in their regions.

Because of their efforts, millions of people are reading the same meditation, studying the same scripture text, and praying the same prayer in their various languages and countries every day. The pages of this little book serve as a place where the world meets to pray. This powerful prayer movement to take a moment to spend with God has formed a worldwide congregation that overcomes boundaries of geography and language to unite us all in a community of prayer and faith. The Upper Room is about people—sharing stories of lives transformed and faith deepened by this very real sense of global community.

The Upper Room international ministry could not happen without our dedicated partners in mission. Most of our international editions are subsidized because of challenges in their countries. Churches, Sunday school classes, and individuals donate money regularly to this ministry so it will continue to grow and provide a simple means of helping people connect to God, no matter where they live. We invite you to join The Upper Room's global community in celebration of this ministry. Help us continue to provide the resources for the world to pray and grow together, stretching the kingdom of God around the world.

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