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Spiritual Leadership

Many are called to become spiritual leaders, assisting others in their spiritual journey. Spriritual leaders--clergy or lay, paid or volunteer--seek to meet the needs of people in their own congregations or communities of faith.

But spiritual leaders have unique and often overlooked needs of their own. Who cares for the shepherds in the midst of their shepherding?

Maturing as spiritual leaders requires them to learn how to care for themselves -- emotionally, physically, psychologically, and especially, spiritually. Leaders face the challenges of continuing to grow in their relationships with God, locating and nurturing support networks which encourage health and growth. Spiritual leaders must be able to locate resources which help them continue to grow and learn along with their congregations and faith communities.

Weavings® is an award-winning journal grounded in classical Christianity. Each issue explores contemporary issues through articles, meditations, poetry, and fiction written by many of today's best spiritual writers.

The Academy for Spiritual Formation is for lay and clergy persons who hunger for deep spiritual experiences. It encompasses a disciplined Christian Community which emphasizes holistic spirituality, nurturing body, mind and spirit.