Friday, February 21, 2014

Time in Peru


Liliana Li Garcia from Lima, Perú uses El Aposento Alto, the Spanish language edition of The Upper Room, in the school where she works. Each day she invites her class, full of Peruvian 5th graders, to read the daily devotional and then discuss what they think it means.

“Hearing stories like this,” said Sarah Wilke, publisher of The Upper Room, “continues to give me hope for The Upper Room’s work throughout the world.”

Wilke met Garcia at the recent Methodist Women Leadership Conference near Lima, Perú, where seventy-five women, representing fourteen countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, met to worship, learn, and fellowship.

“We were blessed to spend time with these women and appreciate their partnership with us to ensure the distribution of The Upper Room daily devotional in their respective countries,” said Wilke.

The Upper Room sponsored six Latin American women and one woman from the Caribbean at the event.

“Our time in Peru was rich and inviting,” concluded Wilke, “and we hope to continue fostering stories like Garcia’s as we seek to help people, everywhere, know God more fully.” 



Written by Claire McKeever-Burgett, Manager of Program Interpretation, The Upper Room