Finding a Partner in Ministry Across the Street  

When HiRho Park wanted to provide opportunities and support for clergywomen in Latin America, she encountered one big problem. There aren’t many ordained clergywomen in Latin America. In January, with a little help from a good neighbor in Nashville, ... more
Time in Peru

  Liliana Li Garcia from Lima, Perú uses El Aposento Alto, the Spanish language edition of The Upper Room, in the school where she works. Each day she invites her class, full of Peruvian 5th graders, to read the ... more

Olympic-size Hurdles

February 10, 2014

Leading up to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, 14,000 Russians participated in the longest torch relay in history. The Olympic flame took a dramatic journey: snowboarding in Siberia, scuba diving in Lake Baikal, and rocketing to the International Space Station. The goal was to make ... more
Dear friend of The Upper Room;   The countdown to a new year has begun! We anxiously await the coming of 2014, a year ... more

Making a Tough Day Shine

December 12, 2013

As the manager of The Upper Room Living Prayer Center, I often hear stories of how the publications and ministries of The Upper Room continue to touch the lives of people in unexpected and different ways. 

... more
For nearly 80 years, The Upper Room has been counting its blessings. Our global family of readers, donors, publishing partners, and ministry participants give us many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Over the course of 2013, The Upper Room staff wrote over ten thousand Thank You notes ... more
The Upper Room Celebrates 75 Years of its Spanish Edition, El Aposento Alto!

Sunday worship at Douglas Street ... more

A Mother's Legacy

May 03, 2013

A Mother's Legacy One of the greatest legacy gifts a mother can leave behind are the memories of her faithfulness. 

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LORD GOD, we don't know how to pray.
This immense disaster feels overwhelming.
We can only imagine how the victims feel,
and we are so many miles away that we feel helpless.
Surround those directly involved with your loving presence.
Comfort the dead and ... more

Church Partners

April 10, 2013

Making God’s Love Real It doesn’t take a plane ticket for the outreach of Hyde Park United Methodist Church to travel far beyond the state of Florida.

Although the Tampa church frequently organizes overseas mission trips, they have found other ways of “making God’s love real” around ... more