Share the Upper Room Story

Share the Upper Room Story



⇒ Each title links to a VIDEO from The Upper Room to share with your congregation or group gathering:

  • Voices from Africa—[3:45]—Various Upper Room staff and volunteers in Africa share their personal, inspiring experiences and thoughts about The Upper Room daily devotional guide.

  • Zimbabwe Initiative—[2:35]—Publisher Sarah Wilke speaks with Pastor Phillip Musharu of Zimbabwe about his hopes for better distribution of the daily devotional guide across his country.

  • Backpack Full of Hope (Short)—[3:30]—Hear how an estimated 750 people in Eldorado Park, South Africa, receive copies of The Upper Room because of 11-year old Tanika Rodrigues.

  • Backpack Full of Hope—[5:03]—Includes some history about the region of South Africa where Tanika and her family live.

  • SOULfeast 2012 “Who do you say I am?”—[2:35]—Participants at SOULfeast 2012 were asked “If Jesus were to walk up to you today and ask ‘who do you say that I am,’ what would you say?”

  • Where the World Meets to Pray—[1:50]—Upper Room staff and volunteers around the world remind us in their own languages that The Upper Room is “where the world meets to pray.”

  • Living Prayer Center—[0:30 —A short clip encouraging people to volunteer, support, and use The Upper Room Living Prayer Center.

  • Chaplains Ministry—[0:50]—A short clip that tells the story of one prisoner whose life has been impacted by The Upper Room daily devotional guide, distributed to him by the prison chaplain.

With the help of generous donors, The Upper Room reaches around the world, helping people connect with God and with each other. Thank you for helping us tell that story!


⇒  GIVING to the Upper Room

  • GIVE online—Post a link to this to your online social networks.
  • BULLETIN INSERT—Print and share this with your congregation. (Can be printed in color or in black/white.)
  • FLYER (8.5 x 11)—Print and share this with friends as a handout or poster to suggest some creative gift ideas.

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