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Contact Hess B. “Doc” Hall, Jr., Associate Director, Emmaus Ministries, by email at [email protected], or call 615-340-7228 or toll free at 877-899-2780, ext. 7288.

Contact Matthew Smith, Chair, Chrysalis Advisory Team, by email at [email protected]

  • Chrysalis Ministries Annual Covenant Agreement

    The Convenant must be signed electronically through Ministry Manager. The digital update will significantly simplify the signing process.

    The Annual Covenant Agreement is what allows local communities to host Chrysalis Ministries events for the calendar year. It is completed by every community in the first months of each year. Here are some considerations:

    • If your community is under a national board (Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom), please do not complete the covenant agreement on Ministry Manager. For more information, contact your national board.
    • If your covenant agreement needs to be in a language other than English, please contact your regional leader.

    Ministry Manager FAQ Tutorial on signing the Annual Covenant Agreement.

    Recording of the 2023 Covenant Prep Training - information is still viable and very useful.

    If you have questions about signing your covenant letter, please email [email protected].

Ministry Manager

As part of its commitment to its partnership with Emmaus Ministries communities around the world, The Upper Room continues to oversee the development of its Ministry Manager application. With this tool, The Upper Room offers all partner communities an opportunity to spend more of their time and energy partnering with local churches and works with communities to renew their members in the Christian faith and in their commitment to Christian leadership. As progression in the stages of development continues, Ministry Manager presently comes with many functionalities.

The Database section enables communities to keep a record of persons who, over the years, have participated in an event (Walk, Flight, Encounter) as a first-time participant or as a team member. Communities can use other functions to manage various aspects of their work. Walks, Flights, and Encounters can be organized quickly and efficiently as team selection, role assignments, prayer vigils, community group events, agape, board meetings, Mass Messaging, and Covenant Agreement functions are facilitated by the use of the app.

There continues to be great excitement around Ministry Manager, and community leaders are encouraged to reach out to the Upper Room Emmaus Ministries office for further information on how their community might have access to this revolutionary tool.

If you have any difficulties or questions or would like to know more about Ministry Manager and how it can assist your community, please email [email protected].

Emmaus Ministries University

Emmaus Ministries University offers training and instruction for leaders and members of Emmaus Ministries communities. The University seeks to prepare and guide clergy and lay persons for their roles on their community Board of Directors and event teams as well as educate community members who want to learn more about the Emmaus Ministries offerings. Our instruction, offered by various Upper Room present and past staff members, includes sessions that are clergy specific and modules that are geared towards the general membership and the leadership of the community.

In these sessions, you’ll find course content (video, animation, reading, and quizzes) all designed to prepare you for your present or future role within your local Emmaus Ministries community. In addition to this eCourse, Stephane and Doc will engage in conversation with you personally to ensure you are well-supported and ready to serve.

Plan to spend about ten hours (total) reviewing all session material. You can start and stop at any time.

Reading List

We recommend the following books to nurture your fourth day journey. The books are divided into subjects based on the talks given at an Emmaus weekend.

For Participants and Team Members:

God Goes to College:
Living Faith on Campus

"Free & on my own!" The first college days are exciting for students and anxiety-inducing for parents. Those of us who have survived our early college days share freshmen enthusiasm but also shudder to think of the challenges and temptations overconfident young adults face. read more

Stepping Out on Your Own:
Devotions for High School

The first few months after high school graduation are a time of profound transition. Whether a young person begins working full-time, continues his or her education, or just explores next steps, there is much to think about. read more

Way to Live:
Christian Practices for Teens

"I want to find a way to live that keeps me involved in what God is doing in me and in the world around me. Do you know a way to live that is like that?" Eighteen teens and 18 adults tackle that question in Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens. Their different points of view and personal stories make living a Christian life real. read more

Spiritual Growth Through Team
Experience (The Emmaus Library)

Drawing on her experience as a team member, Bultemeier explains that "team meetings are small gatherings that model what the church in the world should be like." Her booklet covers qualities of a team member, spiritual benefits of team membership, what happens at team meetings, leadership development, and other aspects of being part of the Emmaus team. read more

On Our Way

Early adulthood is a time of possibility, uncertainty, decision, and hope. During these years, individuals determine how they will approach life challenges and opportunities. In On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life, writers from a variety of backgrounds address topics of particular relevance to young adults. The essays are grouped in 5 sections that together express the whole: living a whole life. read more

Beginning Prayer

John Killinger, a former pastor and professor, is well qualified to give step-by-step instructions for how to pray. In this simple how-to book, he answers basic questions beginners have about prayer. read more

Colorful Creation

This adult coloring book reflects the beauty of GodÆs creation, visually portraying the handiwork of those seven days with scripture passages, hymns, and devotions. Beautifully lettered and illustrated in seven different sections, this coloring book gives you the opportunity to contemplate GodÆs creativity along with your own. Grab your markers and pencils as you embark on a colorful journey through all that God has made! read more

Praying with Mandalas

Sharon Seyfarth Garner invites adults to color mandalas as an easy, enjoyable, and tangible way to "be with God on purpose." Praying with Mandalas blends the relaxing and contemplative practice of coloring with ancient spiritual practices. read more

For Chyrsalis Community Leaders:

Spiritual Directors in the Emmaus
Community (The Emmaus Library)

In this booklet, Kay Gray offers helpful advice for Emmaus spiritual directors, covering such topics as the role of spiritual directors, the qualifications for selection, and responsibilities before, during, and after the weekend. read more

Sponsorship (The Emmaus Library)

This 40-page booklet guides individuals through the process of sponsoring fellow pilgrims on the Walk to Emmaus. The authors explore the range of possibilities in the role of the sponsor for the renewal of church leaders, Emmaus communities, and the church. read more

Growing Young

Across the United States, churches are losing both members and vitality as increasing numbers of young people disengage. Based on groundbreaking research with over 250 of the nation's leading congregations, Growing Young provides a strategy any church can use to involve and retain teenagers and young adults. It profiles innovative churches that are engaging 15- to 29-year- olds and as a result are growing--spiritually, emotionally, read more

The Godbearing Life

In The Godbearing Life, the authors offer a lively spiritual primer and practical guide for those who pastor young people. Dean and Foster rechart a course for youth ministry through the classical spiritual disciplines of the church. The book identifies families, congregations, and mentor relationships as the "holy ground" where young people are most likely to say "Yes!" to God. read more

Safe Sanctuaries 

Attorney, pastor, and author Melton outlines a process for developing policies and procedures to recognize and reduce the risk of abuse in the church. Safe Sanctuaries combines and expands information from two of her earlier groundbreaking books, which focused, separately, on children and teens. read more

Safe Sanctuaries in the Virtual World

Safe Sanctuaries in a Virtual World, the latest addition to the Safe Sanctuaries series, addresses the challenges of ministry that have arisen in the face of rapidly changing technology, sometimes referred to as the digital age. read more