Over the past year, we have learned that social distancing does not have to prevent us from connecting with one another and with God. The Upper Room is here to support you as you discover new ways to create daily life with God.

Here are several resources to help you create and maintain spiritual wellness in the new normal of your daily life.

The Upper Room daily devotional guide digital edition

Start a 30-day free trial of The Upper Room daily devotional digital edition and join a world-wide community of believers in daily prayer and devotional practice.

Pray with us on Facebook Live

The Upper Room is committed to praying with you during this season of uncertainty and isolation. We invite you to join us on Facebook Live at 11:00 AM CT for A Moment of Prayer on Mondays and Live from the Chapel on Wednesdays. These moments of prayer will also be available on The Upper Room YouTube Channel after they air.

Listen to The Upper Room devotional on the phone

During this time of pandemic the call-in meditation is available at no charge. There are two numbers available.

  • If you do not pay for long distance (most cell phone plans include long distance) you can call 1.615.212.2013
  • If you do pay for long distance calls, please call 1.877.600.7218

Resources for the Spiritual Work of Overcoming Racism

The Upper Room is committed to a ministry that is increasingly global, antiracist, and ecumenical. In these days we are called to give special and focused attention to being antiracist. This is the work of discipleship and spiritual formation.

Creating Daily Life with God

Family and friends of The Upper Room offer words of hope and encouragement by sharing how they are creating daily life with God during these times of uncertainty and isolation. Watch the video series on The Upper Room YouTube Channel.

Spiritual Formation in a Digital World

The Upper Room wants to remind you that God meets us where we are. As small groups, leadership meetings, and worship move online, The Upper Room provides digital resources to help you meet with God and connect with others on your phone, tablet, or laptop, while sheltering in place.

Meditations on Living with COVID-19

Read reflections from readers, community members, and The Upper Room staff on The Upper Room daily devotional blog. This is a place where we can reflect together on the ways this experience is shaping our faith, our relationships, our creativity, our prayer lives, and our hearts.

Holy and Healing: Conversations with Academy Leaders in the Time of COVID

In this time of global crisis, The Academy for Spiritual Formation is hosting holy and healing conversations with Academy leaders, trusting that their wisdom, joy, and insight will offer us connection and hope in these trying times.

Subscribe to Academy Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Private eLearning Classrooms

Set up a Private Online Classroom for your small group or congregation. Follow these simple steps.

The Upper Room Prayer Wall

Join others in prayer on The Upper Room Prayer Wall.

Pandemic Prayer Practices for Children, Youth, and Families

If you are a parent with children or youth, try this list of simple prayer practices you can do as a family during these times of social distancing.

The Upper Room Special Editions

Over the years The Upper Room has created short prayer resources to address specific needs. We are making Prayers For Hope, Prayers for Courage, Prayers for Illness, and Prayers for Comfort available at no cost for download or in print, while supplies last, from The Upper Room Bookstore. We pray for God’s grace and comfort in your life during this unusual and trying time.

Resources for Local Churches

As local churches attempt to respond in to the COVID-19 outbreak in appropriate ways, many congregations have questions. The resources included in this list from Discipleship Ministries can assist your church as it seeks answers about this new reality.

Alive Now and Weavings Issues for Anxious Times

During this time of anxiety and isolation The Upper Room wants to make it as easy as possible for people to find resources to support spiritual health. These past issues of Alive Now and Weavings magazines are available to read online at no cost.

Below are a few more free resources from The Upper Room to help you stay grounded during these times of uncertainty and isolation...

The Upper Room is able to provide these resources for free because of generous donors who give to support our ministries.

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We are plagued by a pandemic and an epidemic, a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 and a nationwide epidemic of systemic racism and unrelenting white supremacy. Click here for a growing list of resources for the spiritual work of overcoming racism.

Stay informed about COVID-19 by visiting the Centers for Disease Control website.