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El Señor dijo: «No temas, porque yo estoy contigo». - Isaías 41:10 (NVI)

Durante varios años cargué con un temor secreto de que la gente supiese que, en algún tiempo, mi familia y yo habíamos estado sin techo. El rechazo sufrido cuando viví en la calle fue muy doloroso y no quería volver a experimentarlo. Mis hijos me rogaban que invitase a sus...

Today's Prayer
Padre celestial, gracias por estar con nosotros siempre, por darnos una fe más fuerte que cualquier temor. Amén.

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Today's Reading
Isaías 41:9-10

Thought for the Day

Con la fe en Dios puedo vencer todo temor.

Prayer Focus

Por las familias que no tienen techo

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Herocover july18

I wish . . . when I was a child . . .

"This is absolutely lovely! How I wish I had been exposed or otherwise taught this beautiful lesson exactly as it is written here when I was a child. Going on 60 years old now, I am just coming to believe the words contained in this piece. As I look back on my life now, I suspect that my feelings of unworthiness of God’s love began at a very young age. Not explicitly, by which I mean to say that I was never told that I was not worthy of God’s love and mercy, but rather implicitly, through my experiences with simple human error and a constant focus on perfection and pleasing others. I cannot express to you how beautiful this piece is to me; I can only tell you that it touches me very deeply. Thank you!" Read more about Pockets.