Donor In Honor / Memory of Tribute Name Community Walk Year
Mark Urban In Honor Of Atascocita UMC 4th Day Group Houston North Emmaus Community #155 1997
Phaedra Raymond In Honor Of Dan and Raini Williams, Parents Helena Walk to Emmaus, Helena, MT 1993
Mike and Janel Oshea In Honor Of Dan Pierce Houston Northwest Emmaus, Houston, TX
Pamela Wise In Honor Of Dianne Lashmit, Sponsor Great Smoky Mountain Emmaus Community #52 2003
Fran Tyler In Honor Of Donna Wells, Sponsor Central Alabama Emmaus Community #228 2001
Linda Young In Honor Of Flo Douglas Oconee River Basin, Madison, GA #21 2019
Martyn Haynes In Honor Of Frances Haynes, My Mother
Debra Synder In Memory Of Gregory O. Snyder Fredericksburg 2012
Richard Johnson In Honor Of Janet Johnson, My Wife Blue Ridge Emmaus
William Latimer In Memory Of Jeremy Crenshaw
Shemeka Law In Honor Of John Law, Father Lagniappe Country Walk To Emmaus, Baton Rouge, LA #65
Carol Conley In Memory Of Mary Betty Pearson, Mentor Northern Ca-Nevada Emmaus #42 2005
Ben Nash In Memory Of Mary Nash Golden Triangle
Ronald Robley In Honor Of Mike Barnes Shenandoah Valley Emmaus
Joyce Richardson In Memory Of My Parents, Who First Introduced Me To Jesus ! Southern Maryland #58 2018
Linda Burnworth In Honor Of Penny Hampshire and Sandy Brenner, Sponsors Reynoldsburg 2018
Ginger Hughes In Memory Of Rev Brady Forman , My Father Lagniappe Country Emmaus, S Louisiana #22 2001
Charles Laing In Memory Of Rev. Dr. Charles E. Laing Sr, US Navy Chaplain, Retired
Barbara Stovall In Honor Of Rhonda Ward, My Sponsor West Houston #108 2019
Albert Mayfield In Memory Of Rick Phillips
David Crowder In Honor Of Rick Phillips
Karl Maurer In Memory Of Rick Phillips
Rick Etchells In Memory Of Robert Gordon Etchells Houston West #111 2014
Peter Patrick In Honor Of Ron  Caminiti Suncoast57 #57 2010
Susan Spragg In Honor Of Sue Cogswell, My Sponsor Oceanside, South Florida #80 2015
Ronald Robey In Honor Of Theresa Tracy Shenandoah Valley Emmaus
Mike Eller In Honor Of Tom Haliburton
Richard Balke In Memory Of Gracie Warsaw