Invite people to engage in a spiritual journey no matter where they are. The Upper Room daily devotional guide is now available for group subscription in digital format. You can create and manage group digital subscriptions for your congregation, small group, Bible study, church outreach, extended family, or any other organized group or event.

To get started, simply increase the quantity of your digital subscription when checking out from our online store. You will be allowed to enter participants’ email addresses and also given a secure link for members to use to add themselves to your group subscription. After that, participants take it from there by creating an account or signing in on upperroom.org. Joining your digital group subscription will allow access to The Upper Room daily devotional via the website, mobile app, and daily delivery in email, for the term period you selected at sign-up. As the group admin, you will be able to control renewals, redemption limits, payments, and more.

Digital Group Subscriptions to
The Upper Room

Manage group subscriptions and unlock digital access to The Upper Room daily devotional online.

Suscripcións Digital Grupal a
El Aposento Alto

Administrar suscripciones grupales y desbloquear el acceso digital a todo el contenido y características de la meditación diaria de El Aposento Alto online y en su aparato móvil.