Resources for Older Adults

Regardless of our age, we are always called to a deeper relationship with God. Older adults often long for a closer relationship with the Divine, and for the first time in their lives, they may have more time than ever before to devote to growing in their daily walk with Christ. Upper Room Books offers a variety of resources to provide spiritual encouragement to older adults.

Resources by Missy Buchanan

From Dry Bones to Living Hope

Embracing God’s Faithfulness in Late Life

Based on the prophet Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones dancing, this book helps older adults discover hope as their laments are affirmed and their thoughts are refocused on their unique purpose and God’s promises for late life.


Spirit Boosters for the Journey of Aging

366 Devotions

The devotions in this reusable calendar remind older adults they still have purpose and encourage a positive frame of mind.


Living with Purpose in a Worn-Out Body*

Spiritual Encouragement for Older Adults

Forty-two short, comforting devotions offer much-needed hope to older adults who often struggle with frailty, dependence, and constant pain.

*Also available in Spanish.


Voices of Aging

Adult Children and Aging Parents Talk with God

Buchanan takes a compassionate look at the concerns of two generations—adult children and their parents—as they face the fears and frustrations of aging.


Talking with God in Old Age

Meditations and Psalms

Through poems and reflections, each coupled with a selection from Psalms, Buchanan encourages older adults to talk candidly with God about their worries, fears, pain, and frustrations.


Don’t Write My Obituary Just Yet

Inspiring Faith Stories for Older Adults

Missy Buchanan will warm your heart with 30 stories of older adults living with a sense of purpose and gratitude for the life God has given them.


Aging Faithfully

28 Days of Prayer

Buchanan reminds us that aging is part of God’s plan, and when older adults focus on God, they can discover an abiding joy that comes only with a long life.


Joy Boosters

120 Ways to Encourage Older Adults

This practical book is packed with simple, creative ways to add joy to the lives of older adults.


Beach Calling

A Devotional Journal for Women in the Middle Years and Beyond

You don’t have to be at the beach to experience the sea, the sand, the sky, and the glory of the One who created it all—Buchanan artfully intertwines scripture with beach imagery to invite you to a closer, more authentic walk with God.


Books by Richard L. Morgan

Light of Setting Suns

Reflecting on Realities and Mysteries at Ninety Years of Life

Dr. Richard Morgan gives us an insider’s look at how it feels to be 90 and still remain vital and hopeful, despite enduring losses and physical decline.


Remembering Your Story

Creating Your Own Spiritual Autobiography

Morgan guides us to discover deep memories of God’s presence in all parts of our lives as he leads us to connect our own faith stories with God’s story in scripture and with the stories of others.


At the Edge of Life

Conversations When Death Is Near

This collection of 30 meditations is an excellent resource to help you listen to and talk with those who are dying; a valuable guide for clergy, friends, family members, and caregivers.


Fire in the Soul

A Prayer Book for the Later Years

Morgan offers prayers to God for help in meeting these late-life challenges: discerning God’s call at retirement, moving to deeper contemplation, accepting aging, discerning the meaning of our lives, mentoring, facing loss and death, and redeeming suffering.


Settling In

My First Year in a Retirement Community

At age 74, Morgan moved to a retirement community; he chronicles three stages in his spiritual journey: initial excitement, second thoughts and regrets, and discerning how to live in community.


Books by Jane Marie Thibault and Richard L. Morgan

No Act of Love Is Ever Wasted

The Spirituality of Caring for Persons with Dementia

When care receivers and caregivers are able to view their relationship as a mutual spiritual path, each plays a role in deepening the spiritual life of the other; gerontologist Jane Marie Thibault and Richard L. Morgan provide a fresh, hopeful model of dealing with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.


Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life

7 Gateways to Spiritual Growth

Thibault and Morgan suggest approaching the Last Third of life—from age 60 on—as a pilgrimage, a journey full of purpose and opportunities for spiritual growth; they give you 7 ways to open yourself to God and the abundant life God wants for you.


Other Resources

God Was with Me All Along

A Guide for Capturing Your Memories and Telling Your Story

Mary Lou Redding

Mary Lou Redding, editor of The Upper Room daily devotional guide for more than 33 years, tells stories from her own life and provides prompts to help you write your own stories; as you reflect on your life and respond to her questions, you may discover God’s presence in seemingly random events, times of celebration, and even in your worst moments.


10 Gospel Promises for Later Life

Jane Marie Thibault

From Thibault’s reflections on the relevance of the gospel to later life comes hope; each chapter addresses a fear about aging, and Thibault sensitively guides us to discover how to make the most of God’s gift of a long life.


Still Praying After All These Years

Meditations for Later Life

Susan Carol Scott

This collection of 52 reassuring meditations encourages readers to realize that their lives still have meaning and that aging holds opportunities for spiritual growth; the author provides psychological and theological insights and ends each meditation with a prayer that opens readers to a deeper relationship with God.


A Widow’s Prayer

Finding God’s Grace in the Days Ahead

Nell E. Noonan

In this book of 60 meditations, Noonan candidly shares her experiences in the 26 months after the death of her husband; this book will help widows, whether they choose to read it alone or with a group.