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Welcome to The Upper Room Prayer Wall

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” —Galatians 6:2 (NRSV)

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About the Prayer Wall

The Upper Room Prayer Wall is a place for people to connect — with each other and with God. Each day, hundreds of prayer wall visitors share their needs, praises, and concerns, and they respond to prayer requests posted by others.

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StephanieUSA from Usa requests prayer...

Lord, thank You for all our blessings. Please continue to wrap us in Your loving care and protection. Today a student lost his father and a few days ago my boyfriend’s sister in law lost her father. Lord, hug them and their families as they grieve. P...Read Morerotect me and my students as we continue with our 80 hours weeks. Please guide me to where you want me with my career to a place I’m not always sick. I can’t keep working this much, my health can’t take it. Open the right doors for my future. Amen!

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RichinCHRIST'Sriches from Pa requests prayer...

Dear Prayer Warriors and Intercessors -My Friends; pelaes continually itnercede for Steven, AS WELL AS PLEASE for his salvation; in indefinite quarantine; immuno - compromised;thx

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thomas250 from Florida requests prayer...

Please pray for Carol to receive comfort as she has property damage to a home from Hurricane Ida. Pray she receives strength during the recovery process.

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MZDENISE from Michigan requests prayer...

My .other lost her rental home and has to find another place to live. The new owners of the home is pressuring my mom to leave but she has no place to go. I'm looking for another home for her. Please pray for us.

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Dale1 from Usa requests prayer...

I need God's mercy and healing. Thank you. God bless you.

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Ranup from Home requests prayer...

JESUS we ask that YOU bring YOUR peace to all peoples in conflict (especially in ukraine, russia,mideast, asia) and bring healing to all who are sick/suffering and in pain and guide them all to shelter and to follow YOUR WAY forever, Amen

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joshau7 from Chesterfield, mo requests prayer...

A young family close to us has separated and living in separate homes and the two children 8 and 10 are showing subtle signs of resentments and anger. The pending divorce is showing up in their behavior. They attend a Christian school; Pray they wil...Read Morel find peace and choose the right friends and find encouragement.

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Renee3 from Usa requests prayer...

Urgent prayer, I'm so afraid. Please pray to calm those around me today. Prayers for peace. Lord please help us you know our situation.

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JWLuvene from Tn requests prayer...

For peace in the world.

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HSM from Usa requests prayer...

We love, praise and worship you Holy Father. Bless the prayer requests, the Prayer Warriors. and those that are sick. Bless our family, friends, and keep those people away that want to harm us. Help us today, in your Holy Name we pray, Amen.

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