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Welcome to The Upper Room Prayer Wall

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” —Galatians 6:2 (NRSV)

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The Upper Room Prayer Wall is a place for people to connect — with each other and with God. Each day, hundreds of prayer wall visitors share their needs, praises, and concerns, and they respond to prayer requests posted by others.

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chartz25 from New jersey requests prayer...

I left my job in April of 2023 for a new opportunity somewhere else. I have had financial problems recently, so I have been browsing for other opportunities since I still do not make a lot of money where I am now. During my browsing, I found a new jo...Read Moreb posting for the place that I left in April of last year. It pays about $30,000 a year more than what I am currently making. But I am truly conflicted as to whether or not I should apply. Of course, the salary sounds great, but I am not sure if the job would be too stressful for me or too much to handle, or if it would be appropriate to apply for a job at a place that I left (although I left on perfectly good terms). I am asking for God to show me what the right decision is because I truly feel lost and confused right now, and I need guidance.

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RichinCHRIST'Sriches from Pa requests prayer...

plz; Katie ;16; generally; thx

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shejele4$ from Kansas requests prayer...

God we thank you and praise you for all that you have blessed us with. At times, we rush through life forgetting all the things that God has done. May God bless each and every one in their spiritual walk with him, may God bless our jobs, finances, fa...Read Moremily, friends and loved ones, may God bless our homes and when we leave and return, may God bless our pets and to the ones that help us. May God bless our health and many more. Oh God how truly awesome you are and for all the works you do. Forgive us for feelung sorry for ourselves. May we truly repent in all areas. Bless everyone here in the upper room and the heavenly realm. We praise God for his love, mercy, truth and generosity. God we praise You forever

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DennisMasset from Nv requests prayer...

Prayer needed for William , and family all his extended family recovery and Gods will in them, Salvation for the people I work for and with, need for Salvation for my 2 sons , Need Gods will for my ex wife she would return to Jesus , Salvation to mem...Read Morebers of my extended family Need for Gods will for David , and his families needs Need for Gods will in my life to be more like Jesus to obey his will and the Holy spirit speak so I know for sure Gods will for me through out the Day , Thank you to all of the support of this site , May God pour out his Kindness , love and healing to all with needs at this site God Bless you all in Jesus name !

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Jengrace from Knoxville, tennessee requests prayer...

Please pray for the joy of my salvation to be restored; for Jesus to replace the spirit of apathy and heaviness with the garment of praise; To be joyful and grateful in all things. Thank you so much. May God bless you! Jennifer

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JasonDDDD requests prayer...

Please pray for the Lord Jesus to Bless me with PEACE, Joy and Laughter.

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Amarillo from Us requests prayer...

Please pray for the health and well being of Steve. Please pray that his wallet is recovered. Please pray that we don't get stranded without the ability to pay for things.

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Iansc007 from Australia requests prayer...

I urgently need a new home. Please pray God will give me big, spacious room with a lockable door I can put my single bed in with good light & a nice view in a big nice house close to church with plenty of storage space and compatible people for a ren...Read Moret I can easily afford on my disability support pension and soon.

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MCWMc from Usa requests prayer...

Dale1 asks for prayers of an unnamed prayer in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. To God be the Glory. Amen!

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leckle from Ga requests prayer...

We must pray for our country, our leaders, our ministerial leaders, and families. We must pray to follow God's word and not the secular world.

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