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Third Sunday of Advent


by Beth Ann Gaede

Creator God, by your word you made earth and sky, land and sea, fish and bird, plant and animal, and humankind.
We rejoice in your handiwork, O God.

Tender Shepherd, through the voice of prophets and the wisdom of poets, you show us paths of justice and mercy.
We rejoice in your guidance, O God.

Supreme Ruler, in your wisdom you used the power of Pharaoh, Cyrus, and Herod to carry out your promises.
We rejoice in your strength, O God.

God of paradox, ignoring worldly ways, you called the weak -- the boy David, the girl Mary -- to work your will.
We rejoice in your wisdom, O God.

Faithful Healer, in the fullness of time, you sent your long-promised Son Jesus to reconcile all creation to yourself.
We rejoice in your salvation, O God.

Ever-present Comfort, you continue to walk with us, your children, in our fear, grief, sickness, hunger, and loneliness.
We rejoice in your gentleness, O God.

Good News Incarnate, for all the ways you show your love,
We give you joyful thanks, O God. Amen.

Beth Ann Gaede is an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor. She was editor of Alive Now and has worked with dozens of religious authors and publishers. Beth enjoys travel, studying Spanish, canoeing in the wilderness, and fly-fishing for trout.

Credit: Advent/Christmas prayers by Beth Ann Gaede. Permission granted to use in corporate worship settings. From November/December 2015 Alive Now. Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room.

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