Third Sunday of Advent


by Cynthia Langston Kirk

Lighting the Third Candle

We lift our hearts in praise that God has baptized us by water and the Spirit, filling us with compassionate fire and unwavering tender- ness. We rejoice with all creation, knowing God is within and around us, forming and sustaining us in ways the world cannot. We light the third Advent candle, the light of praise, in response to God’s saving grace and renewing love.


God of Festivals and Celebrations, fill us with joy. Our delight in you bears the fruits of reconciliation and wholeness. Let our rejoicing in your steadfast love be heard throughout the world and let your people dance for joy. Eager to greet the Christ Child with our adoration, we pray. Amen.

Cynthia Langston Kirk is a poet and a minister living in Tucson, Arizona. Cynthia and her husband enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and godchildren. Read more of her writing at

Credit: Advent/Christmas prayers by Cynthia Langston Kirk. © 2012 Alive Now. Permission granted to use in corporate worship settings. From November/December 2012 Alive Now. Copyright © 2012 by The Upper Room. 

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Bringing Family Together

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