As we consider freedom, we invite you to engage in a practice of prayerful remembering, reflecting, and journaling. We remember the story of the Israelites who were freed from the bondage of slavery to the Pharoah (Exodus 12:31-42). We remember Moses who was used by The Holy One to lead God’s people out of Egypt.

God acted ... through people ... to set people free ... and a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire ... and the Sea of Reeds. God spared nothing, because God longed for the people to be free.


But who are God’s people?

All people! We are “one flock with one shepherd.” In spite of our differences, we are God’s people; and God desires that the whole human family be delivered and set free from hunger and hate, from disease and war, from fear and despair.

Today a nation whose history began with the winning of freedom, a nation which has called itself “sweet land of liberty,” faces many kinds of bondage.

What kind of deliverance do you want for your country?

From what chains of bondage do you wish to be free?


Setting People Free

God used people to set people free. This is the way it was in Moses’ day and across the many years of American history. And this is the way it is today.

Stop for a moment and reflect upon history.  

Name two or three people who, in your mind, have been most like Moseschosen by God to bring about deliverance.

Consider that God needs you to bring deliverance to someone.

Instead of looking for a dramatic “burning-bush” sign, take some moments now and center upon an inner awareness of someone you know who is looking for freedom. In your own way, pray for deliverance for that person.  Is there something you might do to help bring deliverance?


Signs of God’s Presence

God’s presence with the Israelites was seen in the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud.

What are the signs you see that God is present in the situations of life? How can you share with others a new hope, based on the certainty that God is able to lead us out of captivity if we are willing to follow?

Published in Alive Now, July/August 1976, Vol. 6, No. 4. Copyright © 1976 by The Upper Room.

Photography by Jordan Steranka / Unsplash