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Ash Wednesday Prayer


by Juanita Campbell

God, you have made me and you know me.
I am empty and find myself in darkness so dark
that I am overwhelmed by its density.
I use to run to worship you, often leading the way.
Now, I am void of words or feelings;
my memory of you seems vague.
You alone know the thoughts that assault my mind.
You alone know my anxious ways.
You alone know the demands that haunt me unceasingly.
My body aches in ways I have never known before.
God, where are you in all this?
You said that you would not leave me,
yet I feel abandoned and exposed.
Rescue me from me.
Quick, God, I can’t wait.
Send your Spirit to my rescue, in the name of love.

Permission is granted for use in corporate setting. Copyright © 2011 The Upper Room. Used with permission.

Juanita Campbell Rasmus partners with her husband Rudy in marriage and ministry at St. John’s United Methodist Church in downtown Houston. They have 2 grown daughters. Juanita developed an innovative, therapeutic art program for the homeless,

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