Good Friday Prayer

Lenten Prayers

by Robert Paul Fugarino

Lord, as we again snuff the candles one by one and see your
cross rise,
     We recall those who did their jobs on that Friday long ago.
We remember Pilate who with clever words kept a false and
fragile peace.
We remember a soldier who, with rope in one hand and a nail in
the other, followed his orders and affixed you to the tree.
     But we also remember Peter, we remember ourselves,
     and the job we failed to do.

We recall our denial made amidst cockcrows and salty tears of
timidity and remorse.
     Lord, we know again this night that we did not stand
     with you.

Yet you did your job, which also was your passion and your
name—Jesus, “God saves.”
     You bore the nails and the insults. You spoke truth and
     bled out.

You broke the curtain open and faced the worst of the powers’
So, Lord, here we are again on a darkening Friday of this year’s
Holy Week, with another chance to do our job,
     And stand by you. Lord, by your Spirit, make us able to do so.

Permission is granted for use in corporate setting. Copyright © 2012 The Upper Room. Used with permission.

Robert Paul Fugarino is the Pastor at Park Hill Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kansas City, Missouri and has served congregations in different parts of the U.S. for almost twenty years.

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