Embrace of Love, Friday, Advent Week 4

Tall stack of pancakes for serving next to a cup of black coffee in a blue and white mug and a small jar for pouring. All on a breakfast table with the morning sun shining across the table.

© Beth A. Richardson, betharichardson.com


God of love, I long to come home to you this day. Help me lay aside all my baggage and enter through your open doors. Let me rest in your love and grace. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

God is calling me home to rest in the embrace of love.

Today's Picture

Some of my fondest memories of home involve breakfast prepared by Dad. On vacations at our mountain cabin, he would get up early, make a fire in the cookstove, and prepare breakfast. I would jump out of bed and run to the warm kitchen where love (and pancakes) greeted me.


What is your experience of home? Is the concept positive or negative to you? How is God calling you home this day?

Book of the Day

While We Wait

Mary Lou Redding

In this Advent book, my friend Mary Lou Redding helps connect us with the Advent and Christmas story at a deeper level. Here's my favorite quote from Mary Lou's book: "We have hope not because we are powerful or smart or resourceful but because of who God is. And as we test our hope by acting on it, we release God's power into our circumstances. Our 'hope muscle' grows stronger and our desire for God more compelling, just as exercising strengthens our physical muscles."

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