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God Is Here, Friday, Advent Week 3

A country highway on a foggy day with evergreen forest on both sides of the roads.

© Beth A. Richardson,


When I have lost my way, God is. When I am found again, God is. When all around me is chaos, God is. When all around me is peace, God is. When I face tragedy, God is. When I face triumph, God is. Thank you, God. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

God is here, right now.

Today's Picture

This picture reminds me of both Greg Clapper's quote and the reflection that I wrote in the book today. Though the fog never cleared the day I took this picture, I knew the mountains were there. God is there even when I can't feel God's presence.


How do you know that "God is here, right now"?

Book of the Day

When the World Breaks Your Heart

Gregory S. Clapper

I love this book — about tragedy and the way that God is present through all difficulties. Greg Clapper wrote the book after his 1989 experience of being the chaplain on the scene after the crash of United Airlines flight 232. Still today we need these words about God's comfort in the midst of every tragedy. I'm sorry that this book has gone out of print. Find this book on Amazon.

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