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God Lifts Me Up and Carries Me, Christmas 9

Fly catcher in the trees

© Beth A. Richardson,


Thank you, God, for your gift of presence that sustains me today. If I am too weak or broken, lift me up and carry me as you did in the days of old. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

God lifts me up and carries me.

Today's Picture

God gifts us with presence — through friends, through our faith community — and through God's creations. This flycatcher had a nest on the porch of our family cabin. Watching it feed its young delighted me and reminded me of God's presence in the smallest of creation.


How is God present to you today?

Book of the Day

The Africana Worship Book

Edited by Valerie Bridgeman Davis and Safiyah Fosua

Discipleship Resources published a series of three Africana Worship Books. Each book takes the scriptures of one of the lectionary years (A, B, or C) as the inspiration for prayers written by a group of talented writers. The litanies and prayers in each book speak with the truth of the African American experience in the world. And they call out the human experience as brothers and sisters who stand before our God in worship. I'm honored to have been able to use one of these prayers (by Sherrie Dobbs Johnson) in The Uncluttered Heart.

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Seeing young people, both men and women, participate in and write their testimonies at The Upper Room daily devotional writers’ workshop in Yangon, 2019, has been a highlight for me. The event and testimonies led to the publication of the first Lenten devotional in the Myanmar language. I truly believe that through The Upper Room ministry, the Lord will continue to equip people in Myanmar to grow and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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