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God's Partners in Hope, Friday, Advent Week 1

The outline of a window to a white sky, looking from below the window through stone walls.

© Beth Richardson,


God of the universe, accept my tentative offerings of hope, and strengthen my practice of hope. Sharpen my vision so that I may see the signs of your goodness at work in the world. I am your partner in hope. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

I am God's partner in hope.

Today's Picture

I took this photo in Italy as I was climbing up the stairs to the dome of the cathedral in Florence. I like how the light shines so strongly into the darkness — whenever it has a chance to break through. Light is hope to me.


How are you God's partner in hope today?

Book of the Day

cover image while we wait
While We Wait

Mary Lou Redding

In this Advent book, my friend Mary Lou Redding helps connect us with the Advent and Christmas story at a deeper level. Here's my favorite quote from Mary Lou's book (a longer version of this quote is featured in The Uncluttered Heart today): "We have hope not because we are powerful or smart or resourceful but because of who God is. And as we test our hope by acting on it, we release God's power into our circumstances. Our 'hope muscle' grows stronger and our desire for God more compelling, just as exercising strengthens our physical muscles."

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