Help Me Be a Shalom Bringer, Saturday, Advent Week 2

A glass cross, behind a small blue bowl with three sea shells, and a lit pillar candle all sitting on a table covered with a tablecloth.

© Beth A. Richardson,


God of wholeness, thank you for the shalom bringers who showed me your glory through the smiles on their faces and the touch of their hands. Help me to be a shalom bringer to one who might need your peace, wholeness, or healing today. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

Help me be a shalom bringer today.

Today's Picture

I was honored to lead worship for several years at a retreat for adults living with HIV & AIDS. They were shalom bringers to me through their stories, their smiles, and their tears. I took this picture of the worship center at the retreat.


Who are the shalom bringers in your life?

Book of the Day

Forgiveness, the Passionate Journey

Flora Slosson Wuellner

Flora Wuellner is a wonderful writer and pastor, a healer by nature and vocation. This book on forgiveness is a precious gift to the world. Flora describes forgiveness in this way: "Forgiveness is not a goal to be reached or a summit to be attained. The road itself is the goal!" She is a gentle companion on the way of healing.

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