Let Christ Be Born in Me, Christmas 2

Decorated heart-shaped cardboard box open containing words on colored pieces of paper with the lid laying beside it. The words you can see are "creativity" and "kindness." The lid has part of the word "Mystery" showing on it.

© Beth A. Richardson, betharichardson.com


Creating God, all things came into being through you. Bring new life into being inside of me, that I may better reflect your hope, your love, and your grace to those around me. Let Christ be born in me today. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

Let Christ be born in me.

Today's Picture

I led an Advent retreat focused on hearts and how to unclutter them. We made boxes that represented our hearts and filled them with words that would help remind us to make room for God. This is one of the boxes made that day. What's filling your heart today?


Don't put Christmas away too soon. Today is only the second day of Christmas. I hope you will continue to join us here through Epiphany, January 6. Now — today's question: Open your heart! What is being born in you today?

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