Love More, Thursday, Advent Week 4

Dark brown Scottish terrier in the snow, with snow all over his snout.

© Beth A. Richardson,


God of love, help me put aside my critical, compulsive thinking and search for the way of love. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

Think less; love more.

Today's Picture

Cuteness alert! This my Scottie, Jack, who came to live at our house seven years ago. He's the cutest dog ever. :-) Jack's totally into the present moment. And he is all about love. When I'm with him, I'm also in the present — thinking less and loving more. (At least most of the time.)


Share the challenges to loving that you are encountering today — what reminders help you to love more and overlook the little things?

Book of the Day

The Soul's Passion for God

Teresa of Avila

Another book from The Upper Room Spiritual Classics. (Yes, I'm into these!) Teresa of Avila lived in 16th-century Spain. She was a Carmelite nun and was friends with another mystic from that time, John of the Cross. She was a writer and a Doctor of the church.

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