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May I Receive God's Blessings, Christmas Eve

4 Advent votives lit surrounding the Christmas Eve lit pillar candle on a purple table cloth in front of some indoor trees.

© Beth A. Richardson,


Light of lights, I sit in comfortable darkness, knowing that you will soon arrive. Make me ready to receive your blessings and share the good news of your arrival. Come soon, Holy One. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

May I receive God's blessings.

Today's Picture

This picture is from a worship service at Lake Junaluska Conference Center. I cannot imagine a Christmas Eve without candlelight. I wish for each one of you this day some time for quiet and reflection. May you rest in God's powerful love on this eve of Christ's coming.
Blessings, Beth


The Advent portion of our journey is nearly complete. As you pause on this Christmas Eve, share the prayer of your heart this day.

Book of the Day

cover image for simply wait
Simply Wait

Pamela C. Hawkins

My good friend and colleague Pam Hawkins wrote this lovely Advent book. She and I share a love of Advent, and I fell in love again with Advent when I read through the pages of her book. The themes of the book are anticipation, hope, patience, and obedience.

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