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Open Our Hearts, Saturday, Advent Week 1

Red plants growing in green grass next to a rocky path beside the edge of a stream.

© Beth A Richardson


God, open our hearts and the heart of the world to your transforming hope. Peel back the layers of our stubborn opinions, our fearful assumptions, and let the light of your life-giving spirit enter in. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

Hope can open my heart.

Today's Picture

These plants epitomize hope to me. They grow in the tundra area of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. At over 12,000 feet above sea level, trees don't grow, and only a few species of birds and animals that can survive there. But there are beautiful plants turning the colors of fall, thanks be to God.


What is hope opening in you? in your family or church community? in your community or in the world?

Book of the Day

cover image for simply wait

Simply Wait

Pamela C. Hawkins

My good friend and colleague Pam Hawkins wrote this lovely Advent book. Pam and I share a love of Advent, and I fell in love again with Advent when I read through the pages of her book. The themes of the book are anticipation, hope, patience, and obedience. Pam will guide you—calmly and simply—through the busy season of Advent, and you'll come out of the four weeks more centered, rested, and spiritually renewed.

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