Replace My Fear with Gratitude, Wednesday, Advent Week 3

A window ledge with a small sculture of a woman on her knees praying. There is a small placard in the background titled, "Many Ways to Pray," along with an unlit candle and a few leaves from a wandering jew showing on the right ride.

© Beth A. Richardson,


Loving God, help me be the face of joy to someone who might be struggling today. If I am facing struggles of my own, gently guide my thoughts toward gratitude, that I may rejoice always in you. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

Replace my fear with gratitude.

Today's Picture

Every time I see this sculpture in the worship center of a local retreat center, it speaks to me. The figure kneeling in prayer represents whatever emotion I am feeling at that time — fear, sadness, anger, gratitude. I can bring all of these emotions to God in prayer.

This is a photograph of a sculpture by Joyce Beisswenger, one of the founders of Penuel Ridge Retreat Center. She created the piece in the 1980s and has since passed away. This is a one-of-a-kind piece that lives at the Center.


What are your fears? What helps you cope with your fears?

Book of the Day

Quiet Spaces

Patricia F. Wilson

I'm a big fan of Patricia Wilson. 1. She's a great writer in the area of practical spirituality; 2. She's from Vancouver, British Columbia. (I just think that's cool.); and 3. She's really funny. You'll have to check out her other books, including Why Pray When You Can Take Pills and Worry? Quiet Spaces is one of her "tamer" offerings — a daily meditation book for women.

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