Miracle for My Father

April 26, 2020 by Linawati Santoso (East Java, Indonesia)

Two years ago, my father was ill. Almost every night he suffered of the pain in the chest area. I took him to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. After taking medicine, my father’s condition did not improve. I was afraid he would have a stroke.

I took my father to another doctor, who advised him to undergo a general checkup. That checkup showed that besides high blood pressure, my father also had high cholesterol. The doctor gave him medicine and asked him to eat healthy food. He was not allowed to eat oily or fatty foods.

Every day my sister cooks vegetables for our father. A few weeks after his diagnosis, his condition started to get better. I never heard my father say, “Oh, I feel sick.” Six months later, he had another general checkup. Thank God, my father’s blood pressure was normal, and so was his cholesterol!

I want to share one more miracle my father experienced. When the doctor asked my father to undergo a general checkup, the doctor also asked to check his lungs. At first my father refused to have his lungs checked, but we forced him. My father was very afraid because formerly he was a heavy smoker. From my childhood, he always smoked, but he stopped smoking a few years ago. When he received his laboratory results, I saw my father’s face turn pale. I said to him, “Let’s show these results to the doctor.” Thank God, the doctor said my father’s lungs were clean!

To this day my father is still alive, and he is very healthy. I am grateful to God for this and that I still have the opportunity to show love to my father.

From that experience I learned to cling to God. If problems come, instead of worrying, I choose to pray. As Philippians 4:6 says, I will present my requests to God. If I face financial crisis, I ask God for blessing. If I face difficulties, I ask God for help. If I or my family are sick, I ask God for healing. I believe God can do miracles.

Today the world is being shocked by COVID-19. We are dealing with the virus in Indonesia too. Every day the television brings news about additional sufferers. At first I was very afraid, but now I’m not. I trust God to protect me and my family. Also I pray that God will protect you, readers.

God bless us all.

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