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The Upper Room Disciplines provides an opportunity to look more deeply at scripture by offering a week of devotions by a single author on a particular theme.

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Toward Confession and Forgiveness - July 28, 2021

July 28, 2021

Disunity is all around us and everywhere to be seen and experienced. We see it in families, in politics, and in the church—both locally and globally. Disunity builds walls between people....

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Toward Confession and Forgiveness - July 27, 2021

July 27, 2021

David has broken the moral law. He does not rationalize or blame others for his sinful ways. Nor does he try to cover up what he has done wrong. Instead, he...

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Toward Confession and Forgiveness - July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021

In the Hebrew Bible, we see two portraits of David, who is now seen as one of the towering figures of the Israelite people. In today’s reading, we see a person...

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Just As I Am - July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021

In the verses before this, Paul celebrates that he can bring God’s grace to the Gentiles. Paul, who persecuted Christians and saw non-Jews as on the outs with God, now has...

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Just As I Am - July 24, 2021

July 24, 2021

Imagine the disciples, overwhelmed by a storm, suddenly seeing Jesus right there to help them. They are terrified to see him. They are working hard to handle the water coming into...

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Just As I Am - July 23, 2021

July 23, 2021

All of us—perpetrators or survivors of crimes, sharers or eaters of bread and fish—all of us need time away. There are many bits of scripture like this one, where Jesus withdraws...

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Just As I Am - July 22, 2021

July 22, 2021

David is the greatest king that ancient Israel has ever known. David is a sex offender who is planning to have Uriah murdered. These two things are true at the same...

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Just As I Am - July 21, 2021

July 21, 2021

For several years, I have taken songwriting classes. I enjoy the chance to play with words and find phrases and word patterns that describe ordinary human emotions. It is interesting to...

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Just As I Am - July 20, 2021

July 20, 2021

This story is not uplifting. David, King David, an ancestor of Jesus, has sexual intercourse with a woman against her will. He sees her, he takes her, and he sends her...

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I join many of those who will pray for you as you seek to discern what you are called to be at this moment. May God grant you the courage to fulfill that calling. May we all open our eyes and see the misery, open our ears and hear the cries of God’s people, and, like God through the Lord Jesus Christ, be incarnate amongst them.” 

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