Spiritual Practice

Resources to help you create daily life with God.

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A Blessing Exercise

Fasting and Freedom

Discerning God's Will

Cultivating Joy

Soaking Prayer

Walking Prayer

Praying for the World

Lectio on Injustice

Lectio on Life


The Spiritual Practice of Acceptance

Holy Listening as a Spiritual Practice

A Lenten Spiritual Practice: Wilderness Meditation

WWJI (Who Would Jesus Invite?)

Sabbath as Spiritual Practice

The Examen

Creativity as Spiritual Practice

Cultivating Gratitude

An Advent Spiritual Practice: Welcome God into Your Heart

Welcoming the Political Stranger

The Jesus Priority

Breathe in God’s Light

Praying the Psalms

Conversation as Spiritual Practice

Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

Celebrate Your Saints

How Do We Pray When We Are Divided?

Being Present

10 Suggestions for Making Peace with Your Past

Breath Meditation

Finding the Courage to Pray


Lectio Divina: A Steadying Way

Asking the Questions — Sitting in the Silence

Gifts from the Holy Resilient

The Spiritual Practice of Lament

Praying with Nature

Inventory of Peace

A Second Prayer for the Future

Following Our Ultimate Desire

A Time of Discernment

Blessing Our Food

How to Play (For Those Who Don’t Know How)

Worship Resources for Juneteenth Day Celebrations


Sharing as a Way of Living

“Being with” Our Neighbors

Be Inspired by Young People on Imagination

Reflecting on Change

Embodied Prayer