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July 27, 2020 by Lin Daniels (Massachusetts, USA)

This less-than-perfect red heart-shaped pipe cleaner stays attached to my clipboard. It has accompanied me to vacation Bible school, Walk to Emmaus, and the writing of several hundred devotions. It doesn’t matter to me if it has flaws, extra wiggles, and even occasionally needs to be reshaped. It just carries a message of love as I fondly remember the spirit in which it was given.  

Lately, I have begun to approach God with a new prayer. It’s actually a rather simple one. “May I become pleasing to you, God.” Maybe part of that pleasing God, involves just drawing near to God—openly, honestly, warts and all. When I first came to believe, a friend once counseled me, “Give as much of yourself as you can, to as much of God as you understand.” This is an ongoing work, a step-by-step walk to maturity.  

May we give thanks to the One who receives our love and whatever we can give of ourselves. This acceptance is not based on the perfectness of our gift—but on the depth of God’s love.

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While several strategies for reopening the world are being discussed, I encourage you—the people of God everywhere—to allow this season to be a formative one during which you can make new discoveries about God and increase your faith. Use this time to embark on a life of prayer, a life of study, and a life of action—involvement in the community.” 

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