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October 10, 2020 by Deepika Emmanuel Sagar (Rajasthan, India)

“It was about this time that King Herod arrested some who belonged to the church, intending to persecute them” (Acts 12:1, NIV).

Acts chapter twelve reveals how Herod persecuted and imprisoned Peter, as he worked against God’s people. But when God found Peter in trouble, hearing his cry, God was there to help. As we read the passage, we see that God worked miraculously so that even Peter thought he was dreaming, not realizing God was actually at work setting him free. Peter was released from his chains and led out of prison by an angel. Such is the Lord’s way, working in the spiritual realm beyond human sight and understanding, where miracles abound.

While we are not bound by physical chains as Peter was, many of us are restricted by bonds of fear, anxiety, doubt, restlessness, apprehension, etc. Like Peter, the Lord is ready and willing to free us from our bondage. God desires for us to live a life of real freedom that only comes when we believe God’s word and our identity in Christ wholeheartedly, walking in the Spirit by faith. Life in the Spirit changes our perspective and leads us to a mighty revelation of God’s power and purpose.

It’s the perfect love of the Lord that casts out every fear. Wrap yourself in that love. Many times it’s not necessarily the situations we are in but the judgment we may face that brings in fear. We fear people’s reactions and so develop a greater anxiety. But the love of Jesus is unconditional. He loves and accepts us all regardless of our situation. In Jesus we can find the acceptance we look for in hard times. We need encouragement, guidance, and peace to move on which all come as a supply of Christ’s love. Hold on to Christ.

COVID-19 has created a lot of apprehension. But as believers we know and trust in the promises of the Lord. Isn’t this time of apprehension a perfect time to practice fullness of faith through assurance from the word? It has the power to save. We should be excited to see how the Holy Spirit moves. This is a time to live by what we do not see rather than by what we see — that’s faith. We have divine love around us. What a blessing!

By practicing being in God’s presence, and by speaking God’s words on ourselves and our loved ones, we may see miracles. God’s power is greater than the new strains of microbes moving around us. Remember, nothing is “novel” for God. God knows everything that is in creation. Let us use Lord’s power that flows in and through us, to stand as God’s living testimony. There is life in and through the Lord.

Today, whatever your situation is, do not be dismayed or discouraged for the Lord we serve has not changed. Even though you may not see God’s spiritual work on your behalf, hold on to God. Even in trying times, let’s keep praying as Peter and those who loved him did. Diligent, heartfelt prayers to our loving heavenly Father can work wonders. Remember, everything works for good for those who love God.

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