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November 2020 Wednesday Study Questions

October 28, 2020 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

November 4: A Spiritual Plumb

1. Describe a time when your relationship with God was deepened because you cared for others.  How does that experience motivate you to continue caring for others?
2. How do you make sure that your spirit is in alignment with God and that you are in good relationship with others?  How do those alignments help you stand firm in your faith?
3. What people or practices act as your spiritual plumb and level?  What habits do you have that threaten to throw you out of alignment with God or with others?  How do your plumb and level help you overcome those things?
4. What does it mean to you to live in the Spirit?  How have you been blessed by the guiding of the Spirit?
5. Whom can you strengthen your relationship with today?  How can you show God’s love to that person?

November 11: Sharing the Spirit

1. Do you participate in an online prayer community?  How does praying with that community differ from praying with others face-to-face?
2. When have you experienced the faithfulness of a true friend?  How do you remain present in the lives of your friends and loved ones even if you don’t live near them?
3. Today’s writer prayed for her friend to be blessed with Christ’s spirit of eternal life.  Have you ever prayed a similar prayer?  How do you remain faithful in the face of sadness like this?
4. When have you seen prayer extend beyond all boundaries?  How are you encouraged by that experience?
5. What scripture passages remind you of the importance of staying faithful to those you love?  What passages encourage you to continue to pray in difficult times?

November 18: The Card

1. When have you felt underappreciated and unsupported?  How did you react in that situation?  Who or what helped you through that time?
2. A thank-you card changed the writer’s attitude.  When has a kind gesture changed your attitude?  How has that experience changed the way you show kindness to others?
3. Who in scripture serves as an example for you of spurring others toward love and good deeds?  In what ways do you try to follow their example?
4. Today’s writer lists several ways you can spur someone on.  List some other ways you have effectively encouraged others.  How does your church show appreciation to volunteers and leaders?
5. Who needs encouragement and appreciation from you today?  What kind word or gesture can you offer them?  How can you make a habit of encouraging others daily?

November 25: Every Step

1. What spiritual and physical goals do you try to achieve daily?  How do you feel when you fall short of your goals?  How do you feel when you achieve your goals?
2. How do you know when you are walking closely with God and when you are following your own agenda?  Who or what brings you back to walking with God when you have strayed?
3. Are you encouraged to know that every day is a clean slate in your service with God, or do you find that disheartening?  Why?
4. What prayers, spiritual practices, scripture passages, and people help you to align your steps with God’s?  What blessings do you gain when you follow God’s guidance?
5. How does your faith community encourage you to accomplish your goals and to walk closely with God?  How do you encourage others in your community to do the same?

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