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My Story of Serving Children

November 7, 2020 by Meliana Santoso (East Java, Indonesia)
Meliana (back, center) with the children’s group

When I was child, my family was not Christian, so I never thought that I would serve in a church or a small group. When I was in high school, some of my friends started to get involved in the ministry in their church. My close friend told me about her new ministry. Sometimes I went to her church and saw her serving on the church’s multimedia team. Even though I was amazed because at the same age as me, my friend could serve in the church, I just watched her. I did not think that I too could serve like her.

One day, two women who I did not know visited my house and invited me to join a youth small group of Christian fellowship. It was the first time I had ever gone to the youth Christian fellowship. Unlike in church, at the youth Christian fellowship I could see my friends serving so closely. I was amazed to see my friends who were young, but could speak in front of many people, lead praise and worship, and pray for others, while at that time I was just learning to pray.

Years passed, and I moved from youth Christian fellowship to Christian fellowship where the members were older in age and some were married.  In this group, I started learning to speak in front of people and lead praise and worship. Even though I was not fluent when I spoke, I was grateful that I could still speak and bless others with my story. And even though I had made many mistakes when led praise and worship, I was grateful that the praise and worship session could run well.

Many people came and joined my Christian fellowship, so our group had a very large number of members. One of my leaders explained to me that our Christian fellowship would start a children’s service and asked me to join in serving children. Of course I refused, because in my entire life I had never been involved in children’s ministry. I explained to her that when I was child, I never went to Sunday school. I could not imagine what to do with little children. But my leader still asked me to serve and convinced me that I could do it even though I had never attended Sunday school. And finally I joined to serve the children.

Time passed, and finally the children’s service became my ministry. I could serve well, and I found that serving children was not as difficult as I imagined. I enjoy serving children, but currently during the COVID-19 pandemic, the children’s service had to be temporarily stopped and replaced with online service. I am very sad, because during the pandemic I have not been able to serve children due to various limitations. Sometimes I miss that time, and I hope I can serve again.

Like me, perhaps many of us are reluctant to serve because we feel inadequate if we don’t have special skills or experience. But we do not need to be afraid. As long as our hearts have desire to serve, believe that we can certainly serve well. God is not looking for abilities or experience. God is looking for the heart that wants to serve sincerely. God will give us strength and wisdom we need so that we can serve with joy.

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