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November 8, 2020 by Michael A. Campbell (Tennessee, USA)

When I wrote “Acts of Love,” I was sharing something that happened to me when I was in nursing school in the Army. I served in the Army for four years, and when I got out of the Army, I went back and got my Registered Nursing degree. I worked in hospitals in Middle Tennessee, mostly in the ER and in ICU. I met and married my first wife who suffered from poorly controlled epilepsy. She also suffered from strokes and a heart attack, and she died at the age of 50 after a long illness. I cared for her while working full time, and if it had not been for God’s guiding hand and protection, I would not be writing this blog today. After Melody died, I met a lady on a Christian website who had lost her husband to lung cancer. A year later, Dianne and I were married, and that was ten years ago. God has blessed us and has been very good to us. God allowed us to find love again.

Dianne and I love to travel, and it seems that everywhere we go, we have the opportunity to share our story with people. We often find out that many people do not go to church, but they want to find out about the Lord. Many are very lonely and troubled, and we get the chance to share the good news with them.

This past week, Dianne and I went on vacation to the beach for some R&R. We took copies of The Upper Room with us, and we shared them with several people. I told them about my devotional, and I signed copies of them and gave them out. I pray that those people will receive some kind of blessing from the copies of The Upper Room that I handed out to them.

We heard many stories from our new friends, and I hope to share their stories with other people in future devotionals and sermons. I hope to continue writing devotionals and preaching about God in the future. I believe God is trying to use Dianne and me to spread God’s word to people. I believe that we are doing what God wants us to do. We have been blessed by God many times over, and it is our hope to share these blessings with other people.

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