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November 23, 2020 by Nancy Lewis-Shelton (Missouri, USA)

So much has happened since I wrote this November meditation. Life, of course, is different now, but each day I remind myself of my many blessings. I rescued a female black Lab named Robin who turns two next week. Stella, my granddaughter, moved in with me in January. I still have Fred, my yellow cat.

Although I can’t continue volunteering, storytelling, or bridge playing because of the pandemic, many projects keep me busy. During the past months, I have tended a small garden, tried my luck at worm composting, and edited a fiction book that I wrote a few years ago. Although I wish I could go back to my own church, I know that because of my age, I must be cautious in order to stay healthy for myself and others.

On Sundays, Stella and I are blessed to be able to participate in outdoor lawn chair services at a small near-by church when the weather is decent. Last Sunday, Robin, along with six other dogs and a hedgehog, attended a blessings service for pets after the regular message. Sunday mornings in Missouri are often cool this time of year, but with a couple of layers of clothing, it is comfortable in the sun. When the weather is not conducive to outdoor services, we watch an online service. I pray each day for our country and for those who are struggling for survival during this pandemic. I know I am blessed to be financially comfortable and able to enjoy the company of my granddaughter and two pets each day.

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