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We Will, We Can

December 11, 2020 by Linawati Santoso (East Java, Indonesia)

I can do all this through [God] who gives me strength.  — Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

When my friend asked me whether she could do the task entrusted to her, she was not feeling confidence being a praise and worship leader. In response I said, “Yes, you can!” I was glad to see that, even though she was still a little hesitant, she could lead us well. I love encouraging people. I enjoy encouraging others because I often accept encouragement from others as well. Today I will share two examples.

In 2012, my sister asked me to write devotion for The Upper Room. At first I doubted whether I could. I thought: Is it possible my writings will be published? My sister always encouraged me that I could, so I started write. Every time I had an experience with God, I wrote to them. Finally, my writings were published in the May-June issue in 2015.

Later a friend said to me: “Sister, I wait for your first publication.” But by “first publication” he did not mean a devotion, but a book. Suddenly I was speechless. I thought I was not capable enough to write a book. Like my sister, my friend always encouraged me that I could. Every time I recalled his words, “I wait for your first publication,” I said to myself, “Lina, you can make a book.” So I started writing a book. In December 2016, my first book was published.

I have not only heard words of encouragement from people. I have also always heard encouragement from God. One of them is in Philippians 4:13, which says: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength” (NIV). It reminds me that whatever the task entrusted to me, surely I can do all of them with the help of God.

Also with God, I believe that I can endure every situation happens in my life. We know now the world is facing a pandemic. When COVID-19 appeared in Indonesia, every day I heard of people dying because of the disease. Sometimes I felt scared and worried the virus would attack my family. I worried that my family or I could die. I had no way of knowing when this situation would end. One day I said to God: “I cannot endure it.” Then I remembered Philippians 4:13, and I felt God saying to me: “You can endure it with me.”

During the pandemic, every fellowship meeting has been held online. Recently I joined a books and sermons sharing group. In this group we talk about books we have read or sermons we have heard. A friend knew I love reading books, so he asked me to share the contents of the books I have read. I wanted to, but I was afraid talking to many people. Again I was reminded that I can do all this through God who gives me strength. Then I decided to answer, “Yes, I will!”

I thanked God for always encouraging me. Also I thanked God for giving me many friends who encourage me. I know that with God, if I will it, I can do it. We will, we can.

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