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December 20, 2020 by Andrea Woronick (Connecticut, USA)

I look back to that Christmas so long ago with tender memories, and I look forward to this Christmas with joy and expectation.  That little girl, who so proudly gifted me with the rocking grandpa frog, is now getting ready to welcome her own blessed child into this world.  And I will assume a new role—first time grandmother!

She is still very independent and certainly has her own mind, just like she did back in kindergarten, but she is looking to me for lots of help and support.  She can certainly be assured of that!  I already love the child inside of her, as I love her. I am blessed.

I may not be able to run marathons or climb trees with my grandson—time takes things like that away—but I still have many gifts that I can share.  I can be patient, I can listen, I can be present and I can love—through the easy times and the challenging ones.  I can offer advice and I can hold back on advice, and I pray for that wisdom of discernment.

This has been a difficult and high risk pregnancy for her, but there are only a few more weeks to go. Our prayers continue, and we would surely appreciate yours!

I have struggled with worry and anxiety because of the medical issues which she has had, but the word that permeates my quiet time with God is trust.  Trust—a five letter word that has the power to change my life.  When I wrote this piece, I spoke of the imperfect gifts that we can offer to God.  I believe that my feeble attempts of total trust is one of them.

I look forward to 2021 when, hopefully, we will see an end to our worldwide pandemic, where we will experience peace and calm, and when all people will know and celebrate their worth.  And I look forward to a new baby, my grandson, God’s great gift to our family.  I thank God for his faithful presence in my life, and I pray for many years with my daughter and her family.  Yes, our gifts to God may be imperfect, but God’s gifts to us are perfect.  Our love for others is just a fraction of God’s love for me. I am humbled and grateful. 

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