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January 26, 2021 by Meg Mangan (New South Wales, Australia)

There are lots of ways of reading scripture, and lots of purposes for reading it too.

Sometimes we are looking for information, sometimes we are seeking new insights, and sometimes we are trying to imagine ourselves in the scene.

I find that the gospels in particular allow us to imagine what it may have been like to be there.  The Psalms also allow us to enter in to how the writer felt, and what they were facing as they wrote.

At the moment, I am enjoying immersing myself in Mark, chapter 1. The story is simple, yet compelling. I feel the sense of excitement behind the words and catch glimpses of what it must have felt like to be there as Jesus’ ministry unfolded.

There was no plan or blueprint to follow, yet somehow Jesus knew what to do, moment by moment.  Somehow I feel swept along with the atmosphere, the unfamiliarity and wonder of what was unfolding. 

What was it like to receive Jesus’ invitation, “Follow me”?

What was it like to experience the breakthrough event of healing in the synagogue on the Sabbath? 

To be there that day as the town seemed to be waiting, almost holding its breath for the Sabbath to end? We can imaging the people rushing out as evening fell and bringing with them those who were suffering, seeking healing and wholeness for them. 

If feels as though these townspeople, as well as the world at large, were on the very edge of something new, wonderful, and entirely beyond explanation. Those insights are precious, and can help us as our own lives unfold in 2021.

Hopefully too, America is presently on the edge of something new, and something which will promote healing and wholeness for all of its people. 

Watching from afar, I don’t know all of America’s problems or their causes. But I pray that we all will permit ourselves to wonder at what Jesus was able to do for others — because he was open to God’s leading. 

What can God achieve today if people will listen, trust, and follow?

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