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February 14, 2021 by Verner Guthrie (Alabama, USA)
Tomatoes, ferns, and other flowers
Flowers in back yard
Raised beds with beans, peas,
and cucumbers
Lettuce, spinach, and collards

I wrote a meditation called “Planting Seeds” which appears in The Upper Room today.  In our life, Jesus is counting on us to spread his love to others here on earth by doing things for each other and telling people about Jesus.  My analogy of planting seeds in my garden and watering them is a job that can be shared by many. Each one of us has a role as a Christian to tell others about Jesus.  We plant the seed of faith, and God and other people can help guide that person to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  In the time since I wrote this meditation, we have entered a worldwide pandemic.  I believe more than ever that people who are hurting emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually are seeking answers about how they can survive during painful times.  This opens up opportunities to tell others about Christ.  I have been involved in many food distributions in my community, and during these food drives I also give out Bible tracts and literature.  The people are being fed both physically and spiritually.  I have been blessed by not being ill during the pandemic, and when the opportunity arises it has been a good time to help my neighbors by picking up something at the store for them or taking them to the doctor.

I have included some pictures of some of my plants.  This is a small sample of the plants near and around our yard.  Some of these plants were planted by me as seeds, and I helped them grow by fertilizing them and watering them when necessary.  Other plants were started by others from seed, and I planted the small seedlings and helped them to get bigger, to eventually bloom and produce fruit or flowers. 

I grew up on a farm in Alabama and learned to help my family with large vegetable gardens and money crops such as cotton and corn.  My family preserved the vegetables so we could have food all winter.  I went away from the family farm for over 30 years to start a career and to raise a family elsewhere.  My wife and I have now returned to my childhood home and farm.  I mostly do small raised beds and lots of flowers around the house and yard.  Being outside is always a reminder of how God’s creation is wonderful and is for our use here on earth.  If you don’t have a garden or at least a few potted plants, I recommend you start growing something soon, regardless of whether you live in the city or the country.  Your plants will always remind you of the goodness of God.

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