April 2021 Wednesday Study Questions

March 30, 2021 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

April 7: Commitment

1. In what ways does Jesus’ command to love one another and his instruction to make disciples affect your daily life?  How do you make an effort to follow Jesus’ instructions?
2. How does today’s quoted scripture encourage you?  When over the past few days have you felt Jesus’ presence?
3. Do you find it easy to reach out to others and share your faith with them?  How does God help you and give you the strength to do so?
4. Today’s writer describes the importance of following Jesus’ instructions to love one another and to make disciples.  What do you think grows a strong church and a strong faith?
5. In what ways is your church community intentional about meeting new people and forming loving connections with them?  In what ways are you intentional about this?

April 14: Love and Protection

1. Have you ever used a similar practice of reciting a verse in the morning and a different one in the evening?  If so, what was your experience?  If not, in what ways might it benefit you?
2. Today’s writer finds great comfort in Psalms 4:8 and 118:24.  What Bible verses bring you comfort and focus your mind on God’s presence?  How do you interact with those verses daily?
3. What spiritual practices make your life sweeter?  How do you decide what will become a daily practice versus an occasional practice?
4. In what ways is your life enriched when you focus on God’s blessings?  What differences do you notice in yourself when you are not as mindful of God’s love and blessings?
5. How can you encourage those around you to rejoice in the blessings of God’s world?  Who in your life has blessed you today?  What can you do to bless someone else today?

April 21: Pray Continually

1. When you are going through a difficult time, how important is it for you to have someone to lean on?  Where do you find comfort and guidance?
2. Today’s writer describes her initial prayers as simply kneeling and crying to God.  Have you ever prayed to God through your tears?  Do you feel the need to speak when you pray, or are you comfortable praying without words?
3. Is it easy for you to trust God in hard times?  When has a problem made you trust and rely on God more?  Does that bring you closer in your relationship with God? 
4. Has there been a time in your life when you didn’t want to trust or pray to God?  How did you find comfort in that time?  How did you come to trust and pray to God again?
5. How important is it to you to use words when speaking to God?  When do you feel like it is okay to speak to God through silence?  How does it encourage you to know that God will listen to our prayers even when we have no words?

April 28: Representing Christ

1. Knowing that your actions reflect back on your faith, how do you try to leave a good impression wherever you go?  List some of the intentional choices that you make.
2. Have you ever acted in a way that did not accurately represent your faith?  How did you feel about that situation?  Were you able to rectify it?  What did you learn from that experience?
3. Do you find it easy or difficult to love everyone?  How do you remind yourself to love everyone, even when you may be busy or around people you find hard to love?  What prayers or spiritual practices encourage you to love everyone?
4. Do you ever feel pressure knowing that you are an ambassador for Christ?  Do you enjoy the responsibility?  How do you stay mindful of your calling to be an ambassador for Christ?
5. How do you put your best foot forward to represent Christ every day?  How do you think your church represents Christ to others?  Are there areas you wish that you or your church could improve in representing Christ?

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