April 19, 2021 by Jeanie Jacobson (Nebraska, USA)
Jeanie's sister Marianne, Uncle
Jack, and Jeanie

The image of my 90-year-old uncle careening down a busy street like a NASCAR competitor reminded me of the famous race car driver Mario Andretti. The picture is forever imprinted in my memory. Uncle Jack weaved through heavy traffic to stay directly behind our car, and he refused to leave until he’d redirected my sister and me to the correct roadway. Earlier in the day he had given us directions, but he did not simply share the information, he also ensured that we utilized it properly. We experienced our uncle’s love in a tangible way. His superior knowledge steered us back to the right path when we were blithely wandering on the wrong road.

I love how God compassionately steers us to the proper destination. It’s like a spiritual GPS. When we veer off on our own route, the master road designer calls out, “Recalculating!” Even when we choose to go in the opposite direction, God continually beckons us to travel the road back because God’s love for us is so great. I hear God call out, “Recalculating!” through songs, sermons, conversations with friends, and especially through reading the Bible.

At times the GPS in my car has pointed me in the wrong direction, but God never has. And much like my car’s GPS needs periodic updates, I need to stay updated in God’s word to know where God is leading me. It’s so encouraging to know that God will never steer us wrong.

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