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May 2021 Wednesday Study Questions

April 28, 2021 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

May 5: Always Ready

1. Describe a time when you have seen someone coming to Christ after spending time around Christian examples.  How did you see God working in the situation?  What did you learn from it?
2. How do you express your faith to others?  In what ways do you share Jesus’ love if you are not specifically talking about it?
3. Have you ever felt discouraged when someone didn’t believe in Jesus after you witnessed to them?  How did you respond?  What helps you to remain patient in times like this?
4. How does your church encourage you to share your faith with others? Whose example has been most helpful to you as you prepare to share your faith? What situations make you hesitant or uncomfortable sharing your faith?
5. Besides Damaris and Dionysius, what other biblical figures come to mind when you read today’s meditation about sharing Christ’s love?  Why?  What can we learn from their stories?

May 12: Listen and Act

1. How do you feel when someone you haven’t spoken to in a while reaches out to you?  When do you reach out to someone to whom you haven’t spoken in a while?  In what ways can you use your interactions with others to share God’s love?
2. When you experience God communicating with you, is it dramatic like Isaiah’s experience, or is it more subtle like today’s writer describes?  What has God communicated to you recently?
3. How do you make time to listen for God’s still small voice?  How is your day changed when you take time to listen to God’s voice?
4. When you are unsure of what God is guiding you to do, what spiritual practices help you find clarity?  What scripture passages help you?
5. In what ways does your faith community encourage you to listen to God?  How has your faith community helped you to act on God’s guidance?

May 19: Treasured Words

1. What are some of your most treasured books, stories, or poems from childhood?  How were you introduced to them?  Why are they important to you?
2. What scripture passage has held meaning for you over a long period of time?   How has your understanding of it changed over time?
3. Name some ways scripture has been a gift in your life.  How does scripture draw you closer to God?  What brings you back to scripture when you haven’t read the Bible in a while?
4. Which scripture passages would you like to spend more time studying?  What practices will you use to help you unfold the words as the psalmist suggests?
5. Who or what helps you to find meaning and beauty in God’s words?  How does your church help you find meaning in scripture?

May 26: Mercy

1. Have you ever disagreed with someone so strongly that you would consider them an “enemy”?  Did you want peace or vindication?  How did the situation resolve?
2. When have you felt satisfied by an outcome but you were not at peace about it?  What role does your faith play in finding both satisfaction and peace in life?
3. Do you find it hard to pray for those whom you disagree with?  What scripture verses or spiritual practices help you?  If it is not difficult for you, why do you find it easy to pray for those  you disagree with?
4. When have you observed that your prayers for others brought a change in you?  How do you think prayer can transform us?
5. How do you find unity with other Christians?  Who in your life serves as an example of loving others?  How do you strive to show mercy and love to everyone around you?

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