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June 27, 2021 by Stephane Brooks (Tennessee, USA)

Hello friends,

I trust that today’s devotional was a blessing to you. It was during my morning devotional time that it dawned on me that had I been in my context of origin, I probably would not have or may very reluctantly have shared the burden we were carrying at the time. This was a shocking and sad realization because we are placed in community for a multitude of reasons, including celebrating our joys together and sharing our burdens. 

Looking back, I am happy that we invited so many people to be with us in prayer in the days leading up to, during, and following our daughter’s procedure. We were not alone, and we knew it. As you can imagine, this was a liberating experience.

Our daughter is doing well. She is now a junior in college and has been involved in a multitude of ways on campus. Day after day, as we watch her thrive, we give thanks for God’s mercies in enabling doctors to detect the issue before it got out of hand. We give thanks for the group of people around the world who joined us in prayer, and we give God thanks for our daughter’s recovery.

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I’m learning about plants, and plants are teaching me about RESILIENCE—the ability to recover from difficulties.”

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